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Woodridge B&B Privacy Policy

The Woodridge Bed and Breakfast respects your on-line privacy.

- http://www.woodridgebb.com does not gather any personal information about you or your internet device when you open our website on your Internet Access device

- http://www.woodridgebb.com does not install any cookies on your internet device when you open our website on your Internet Access device.

- When the Woodridge B&B gathers information for reservations over the phone, absolutely no data is ever shared and is all info is destroyed after your visit, with the exception of your email address and/or phone number, since post stay information may need to be communicated to you.

- The Woodridge B&B does not personally collect any data over the WWW/Internet. However we have links to a secure on-line reservation company included on http://www.woodridgebb.com. This company is contracted by us to facilitate on-line reservations by a secure website. Any personal data they collect is automatically discarded immediately after your visit to the Woodridge B&B. The woodridge B&B does not have on-line access to this information. The company we contract with for on-line reservations is ReservationKey, and has their own privacy policy posted on the Internet which complies with all U.S. Internet Marketing Standards.

If you have any unanswered questions about http://www.woodridgebb.com's "privacy policy", please email them to woodridgebandb@aol.com