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New Orleans has many Historic Plantations Just West of the N.O. Airport

40149 Crowe's Landing Road - Pearl River / Slidell, La. - Phone(985) 863-0820

Hover your mouse over the red baloons for popular plantations to visit, or the small red dots to see the many privately owned plantations an former historic plantation sites.

Travelling up river N.W. of the New Orleans Intl. Airport on the East or West river road(s), you will pass numerous Plantations. Some are open to the public and some are private homes. In most cases the closest Plantations are off I-310 on the either River Road driving up-river. The Closest is the Destrehan Plantation and is actually 1 miile down river on the East side.

Their were three Plantation cultures.... The British, the Creole and the Colonist Plantations. On a well planned day of visiting plantations you could tour all three types and be back in time for a delicious New Orleans dinner. Each type of Plantation operated entirely differently and had very different cultural backgrounds.

Most Plantation tours open at 9:00AM and close at 4:00PM. The average admission is $15/adult at the time of this web publication. The map above has red baloons marking the location of several of the Plantations closest to New Orleans. Note: Some of the information about different Plantation Cultures has become Politically Incorrect to discuss..

Sometimes it's best to visit your choice of plantations when you are on you way to the Woodridge B&B or maybe when you on your way home. Especially if your coming from the west or heading west.

  • Oak Alley

A - Oak Alley Plantation

  • National historic landmark · interview with a vampire · Days of our lives, the roman · greek revival · sugar cane "This is precisely what comes to mind when most people think "plantation." Good restaurant on site.
  • 3645 Louisiana 18, Vacherie, LA (225) 265-2151
  • Anglo-Saxon Brtitsh Plantation Culture
  • +-45 minutes from N.O. Airport
  • B - Nottaway Plantation

  • Mansion & restaurant · civil war · john hampden "Nottoway is everything you want in a dazzling Old South mansion. ..."
  • 31025 Louisiana Highway 1,, White Castle, LA (225) 545-2730
  • Anglo-Saxon Brtitsh Plantation Culture
  • +-1 hour and 45 minutes from N.O. Airport
  • C - Laura Plantation

  • Slave quarters · New Orleans area · outbuildings · big house "If you see only one plantation, make it Laura:"
  • 31025 Louisiana Highway 1,, White Castle, LA (225) 545-2730
  • Creole Plantation Culture
  • +- 45 minutes from N.O. Airport
  • D - Myrtles Plantation

  • Our tour guide was very nice and she answered our questions and was very informative about the history of the house, etc. HAUNTED Plantation
  • 7747 US Highway 61, St. Francisville, LA (225) 635-6277
  • Colonist Plantation Culture
  • +- 2 hours from N.O. Airport

  • Laura

St. Josephs Plantation

  • This is the next plantation down river from "The Laura" - You can use the same flag on the map as "C" for Laura. This Plantation is misrepresented as a Creole Plantation. The Waggespack family explains that the building was designed by a famous Creole architect (as were most Colonist plantations). However it was owned by Colonists. Colonist plantations often used White slaves. The furnishings are not period accurate and the guides do not know their history. (Early 1850s photos of slaves displayed in the slave cabins)
  • 3535 Louisiana 18 Vacherie, LA 70090 (225) 265-4078
  • Colonist Plantation Culture
  • +-45 minutes from N.O. Airport
  • E - Destrahan Plantation

  • Closest plantation to New Orleans -Greek revival · french colonial · lower Mississippi River· national register of historic places · Mississippi valley. Raised Indigo crops
  • 13034 River Road, Destrehan, LA (985) 764-8785
  • French Colonist Culture
  • +-20 minutes from N.O. Airpor
  • F - San Francisco Plantation

  • Nnational historic landmark · St John the Baptist parish · New Orleans area · national register of historic places "This fanciful mansion, a brightly colored creation known as steamboat
  • 2646 , Louisiana 44, Garyville, LA (985) 535-2341
  • Creole Plantation Culture
  • +- 1.5 hours from N.O. Airport

  • Destrahan

H-Magnolia Mound Plantation

  • Plantation home · mound plantation · national register of historic places · late 19th century "This plantation home was built in the late 1700s as a small settler's house
  • 2161 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge, LA (225) 343-4955
  • French Creole Culture
  • +- 2 hours from N.O. Airport

    I - Madewood Plantation

  • National historic landmark · bayou lafourche · greek revival "This imposing house, a two-story Greek Revival on Bayou Lafourche Plantation home ·
  • 4250 Louisiana 308, Napoleonville, LA (985) 369-7151
  • Anglo-Saxon Brtitsh Culture
  • +- 2 hours from N.O. Airport
  • J - Rosedown Plantation

  • Formal gardens · Main house · Mississippi river · Civil war · Historic gardens "By far the most impressive and historic of the more far-flung plantations"
  • 12501 Louisiana 10, St. Francisville, LA (225) 635-3332
  • Anglo-Saxon Brtitsh Culture
  • +- 2 hours from N.O. Airport

    More Plantations are listed on the map
  • Recommended 3 Plantation Tour-

  • C-Laura Plantation - Creole culture
  • A- Oak Alley Plantation - Alglo Saxon Culture
  • E-estrehan Plantation - French Colonist Culture
  • Leave the Woodridge B&B by 9AM and be finished by 4PM. Then dine in New Orleans if you like.
  • NOTE: River Road is a slow & winding road.